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By proceeding with the online payment, you acknowledge and confirm that you are the authorized account holder or have obtained proper authorization to make this payment. You understand that submitting this payment online constitutes an electronic transaction and serves as your electronic signature, affirming your consent to initiate the payment. You agree that this transaction is legal, valid, and binding, and you assume full responsibility for any associated fees or charges. Please ensure that the information provided for this payment is accurate and complete. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us for assistance.


Do not press the back/forward button or navigate away once you click "Send Payment." Allow a few minutes for the transaction to process securely.


A deposit is always required for projects above $2,000. Deposit can be paid through email, by mailing a cashier's check/money order or using this page. We do not accept cash payments or personal checks. When making a payment online, please specify which project is the deposit for. We will automatically send you a receipt after payment has been made.


When we create an invoice, you automatically receive a copy in your email. The email you receive gives you the option to pay with a credit/debit card, but you can also mail a check to us. Our mailing address is:

4604 Gem Lake Rd, Amarillo, TX 79106.

For your protection and ours, do not pay cash.

Should you need help with making a payment, please contact us:

Telephone.: 806.336.4242


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